Internet Explorer Support


Internet Explorer developed by Microsoft was the first web browser to be introduced and launched all over the world. It was developed back in 1995 and was a part of Windows Operating System. Soon after its launch IE attained almost 95% of usage share and became the most widely used web browsers until 2003

There were lots of competitors like Firefox, Google Chrome, safari and Mozilla who entered market post 2003. This lead to it losing its monopoly. Though it is no longer the most widely used web browser, it is still a favourite and popular one among many . The USP of Internet Explorer is the constant upgradations of the browser. It has been able to effectively keep in pace with the market.

There are a lot of advantages attached with Internet explorer, which have contributed to its popular usage.

  1. Increased Availability: This comes for free as a default option on your Windows PC. Or, all one needs to do is install Windows and start browsing.
  2. One Can Browse in Tabs: Opening all web pages in the same window is the best advantage it offers. Multiple screens can be seen at one point in time.
  3. Additional Application Support: IE is in a position to support almost all the applications available on the internet.
  1. Able to Open Last Sessions: IE supports the reopening of the last session. One doesn’t lose the previous page they are working on. It also helps in creating history.

With all these advantages Internet Explorer has become one of the most popular browsers today. However along with advantages there are few drawbacks as well.

  1. Speed: As compared to FireFox and Chrome, Internet Explorer is consided to be slow and low on speed.
  2. Customization: IE lacks in providing options of customizing privacy settings as compared to other browsers.
  3. Hacking: Since the number of users are comparatively high, hacking is a concern. There are lot of pop ups and links on the pages which feeds in virus.

Live assist can provide solution to all these problems that are faced while working on and using Internet Explorer. We have a competent team working 24*7 providing solutions related to security, crashes, speed and any other operational issue. Our solutions are given by a group of well trained and and Microsoft Certified technical team staff.

Services Offered by Live assist for issues realted to Internet Explorer

  • Assistance in Installing and Downloading Internet Explorer
  • Providing help in upgrading new version of Internet Explorer
  • Resolving and Troubleshooting software realted issues
  • Providing solutions for system crash due to issue in Internet Explorer and solving speed related problems.
  • Guiding and assisting in security related problems and educating in such cases.
  • A complete and comprehensive support for Internet Browser realted issues.

Though we all download Internet Explorer for free, Live assist are ready to provide assistance in installation or upgradation. Our customer servise desk also provides latest updates and a complete guide to use any new software realted to internet explorer. We provide on the spot services with complete accuracy. With our proactive approach towards problem sovling, customer satisfaction will be assured.

You can reach our team via phone or email and can expect the best services for any kind of Internet Explorer related problems. Live assist team will be happy to serve and provide assistance.

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