Within three years of the release of Windows Vista, Windows 7 was released in the year 2009. This operating system by Microsoft is used for home and personal computers. It is also used on laptops, business desktops, tablet PCs, Netbooks and media center PCs.

Windows 7 is an upgrade which also works with Vista-compatible applications and hardware. This upgrade received significant criticism as it did not come up with many new features in comparison to its previous launches.

Nevertheless, Windows 7 comes with some exciting features such as handwriting recognition and it also provides support to  improved boot performance and direct access,  facilitate improved performance on multi-core processors, and support for virtual hard disks. It has also increased taskbar functionality.

Windows 7, in six different editions, have some versions such as Professional, Home Premium, and Ultimate Editions that are available online for retail sale to consumers in most countries. The other editions are not available in retail.

Over a period of time, because of its better computing experience, it has been very well accepted among many computer users. In fact, in 2010 windows 7 was declared to have been the fastest selling operating system of the Windows product line.

Microsoft designs its product and applications in a way that it is user friendly for consumers. But, you may still encounter some technical issues that can be unsafe for your system.

Windows 7 is one of the only known Microsoft products that has received little criticism upon its launch. However, it is a system which may have technical challenges that one has to deal with. Hence, you may require guidance from an expert in solving these technical issues and in an appropriate manner.

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