Error 0x80041015 appears when you start office programs. This may happen due to various reasons.
The office program error is common during startup and then the repair or installation process. The common reasons are mentioned below.

Failed updates impact with error code 0x80041015

The office program latest version is 2021 or we have office 365 and 2019. The error code 0x80041015 is a part of failed updates.
The existing office product must have failed on an update and then the issue started. Without complete removal of old office product, you tried to install the latest one you have ended up with error code 0x80041015.

error code 0x80041015

Steps to repair old office program:

At first, it is important to get the existing office issue fixed. Try to open control panel, programs and features to check for the current office version.
You can search of office word and you find the program names or some of the latest products with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Apps.
Click on the select app and then choose an option to change.
From there, you can select quick repair or online repair.
The procedure may fix the issue. If you want to completely remove the current version, you can remove it. This process allows you to install office again without error code 0x80041015.

The updates fails due to the error code 0x80041015. In this condition, you can stop the program services first and restart them. For instance, if it is related to windows update service, you can find the name as windows update agent or for office programs, you can find as office installer service. Please right click to stop and start the services.

Uninstall office to fix error 0x80041015

You can uninstall and reinstall the office product to fix the error 0x80041015. The updates can be resumed if you can try this way. Or else, you need to check your antivirus or security firewall features that are restricting office updates.

For support, reach

You can also connect with the support agents to solve the issue.