How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0x803d0006 – MS Office now becomes an important part of our everyday life. It helps us to deal with so many things such as study, business, office work, etc. With the changing technology and modernization in the IT sector, Microsoft has launched several well-developed products and updated versions such as Office, Excel, etc. By as it is a software application, it is prone to encounter flays and one such is Error Code 0x803d0006. So if you are facing such as error and want to know How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0x803d0006, then you are at the right place.

As Microsoft Office has become an integral part of our daily work, solving issues related to this particular application becomes extremely important. Encountering an error such as Error Code 0x803d0006 could be frustrating and irritating at the same time as it fails to activate the Office. Through this blog, we will tell you How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0x803d0006. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

Possible Causes Behind the Error Code 0x803d0006

Behind every technical glitch or flaw, there will be one or so many reasons. In this case, as well there are few reasons that trigger the occurrence of such an issue. These things are the possible cause behind the occurrence of the Error Code 0x803d0006. These are:

  • Older Version.
  • Invalid Office Subscription.
  • Uninstalled Old Files.
  • Connectivity Issues.
  • Disabled Services.
  • Firewall Hindrance.

Steps to Fix the Microsoft Office Error Code 0x803d0006

There are thousands of users who encounter Error Code 0x803d0006 while working or installing Microsoft Office. But there is nothing to panic about as we are here and we have got you covered in this. If you are a victim of this error then we suggest you follow the below-mentioned method to fix this issue in a quick time.

Method 1: Eliminate Registered Installations of Microsoft Office

The first method to fix the Error Code 0x803d0006 is by removing all the registered installations of the Microsoft Office. Almost 50 percent of the users fix this office just by performing this method. So if you are among those lucky users, then perform this method simply to resolve your issue. So follow all the below-mentioned steps to perform this method.

  • Launch the Web Browser.
  • Navigate to the Official Microsoft Office portal.
  • Here sing in as Administrator.
  • Once done launch the administrator portal > navigate to active users.
  • Choose the Activation issues option on the right-hand side.
  • Now visit the Microsoft Office install > choose edit.
  • Eliminate all invalid Microsoft Office Registered installations.

Now check whether the issue has been fixed or not. Like we stated earlier as well that this method will work 50 percent of the time. If this method does not work then we recommend you move on to the second method

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the Microsoft Office

The second method that you need to try to fix this issue is to uninstall the application completely and then reinstall it again. Follow all the steps to perform this method.

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs.
  • From here navigate to Program and Features.
  • Choose Office or Microsoft
  • Select the Uninstall option to permanently uninstall the application.
  • Now make sure that all the files related to the previous version is permanently deleted from the system.
  • Once assured, reinstall the application.
  • Go to Browser > Official Microsoft Website.
  • Search for the latest version of Microsoft
  • Look for Download
  • Follow all the instructions to download and install the application.

Now try to launch the application to check whether the issue has been completely resolved or not. If not, then move on to the next method.

Method 3: Get Valid Microsoft Office Subscription

The third method to get this issue fixed is by assigning a valid Microsoft Office subscription. There are instances when this error occurs due to an invalid subscription. The account that you want to activate in your system needs a valid Microsoft Office subscription. All you need to do to fix this error is get a valid subscription for Office. Follow the following steps to perform this method.

  • Launch Web Browser > navigate to official Microsoft Office portal.
  • Once done, log in as administrator.
  • Now open the portal and from the right side select user with activation problems/issues.
  • Once done ensure to double-check the accurate Microsoft Office subscription.
  • Now try to install the application to check whether the state of the issue.

Wrap Up

So these were all the methods along with the steps by which one can resolve their issue. These steps are tried and used by people across the world to resolve the How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0x803d0006. It is expected that this blog by us will be helpful to you and you got some valuable information from the same as well. You can perform these steps to fix this issue and do let us know if you are able to resolve the issue or not.

If in case the issue still persists, then we suggest you take more advanced technical help regarding your Microsoft Office issues by initiating the live chat.