Do you see the message ” there are no products affected ” with the office installation? We need to make sure the software setup is the latest one and all the files to install office are included. Before you proceed, you need to make sure to check windows updates and office traces as shown below:-


Before you begin, make sure your PC or Mac meets the system requirements.

Windows machines require updates as well as MAC should have full updates. We should also make sure to check the hardware requirements through the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer.

There are no products affected

Have you tried to update Windows first?

1. Open Control Panel in Windows 10.

To open Control Panel, simply press and hold the Windows and R keys together and then type “control” without quotes.

2. Then click on System and Security option.

note: If the Control Panel view in Windows 10 is different, select the Windows Update icon and follow step 4.

3. In System and Security window, select the Windows Update icon.

4. Now, With the Windows Update window open, click the “Change Settings” option on the left panel to choose your Windows Update settings.

Do you want to set updates to run automatically?

Choose the selection under the Windows update preferences option and save the changes.

Is your word program shows an “experienced error” message and closes automatically?

If you still have the problem, you need to contact the support with the Windows and office version details.

Do you know how to find the version of office program ?

1.Please open an Office app, capture a full screenshot of Product Information via File>Account.

2.Please share some screenshots for the error message with the technician.

How do you find Windows version?

Right click on the start menu, select run and type “winver” without quotes and hit OK. It displays the windows information.

For more assistance, talk to our chat agents to request for support.

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