There are no products affected by this package installed on this system install updates to Office 365:

1. Open Control Panel in Windows 8.

To open Control Panel, simply press and hold the Windows and R keys together and then type “control” without quotes.

2. Then click on System and Security option.

note: If the Control Panel view in Windows 8 is different, select the Windows Update icon and follow step 4.

3. In System and Security window, select the Windows Update icon.

4. Now, With the Windows Update window open, click the “Change Settings” option on the left pane to choose your Windows Update settings.

5. The options discplayed controls how Windows 8 will receive and install windows updates from Microsoft.

By default, people either want updates to install completely and automatically or do not want updates to download or install automatically.

6. After selecting the preferred option, click on OK to confirm changes.

for live assistance initiate the chat.