How to fix error code 801C03F2 Office 365 – Trouble signing into your Microsoft office? The application ends up showing an unknown error code? If yes then you are experiencing error code 801C03F2 Office 365. The error seems complicated? But it is not! It occurs due to numerous reasons like corrupted system files. But whatever the reason is we have some precise steps to fix this error code 801C03F2 Office 365.

Well, Microsoft office is a daily use application that works great and smoothly. It is used in smart homes to big organizations and as per the reviews, it is an application on which we can rely on. And experiencing an error in an advance and well-developed application is rare. But some users say that while signing in they get into trouble. Microsoft office stops working showing an error code 801C03F2 Office 365.

Precise Steps to Error Code 801C03F2 Office 365

From the aforesaid statement, you might have known that there is not any major culprit behind this error code 801C03F2 Office 365. Reasons are so many! So we after trailblazing research we have developed some simple and accurate solutions for you. Solutions provided by us will surely fix error code 801C03F2 Office 365. Let’s go through the most effective steps.

Disk Clean up

It is the first thing that you can do if you are experiencing an error code 801C03F2 Office 365. To perform the disk clean-up process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open search box.
  • Type “Disk cleanup”.
  • Open Disk Cleanup from search results.
  • Select the drive to be cleaned (Might be “C”) and click “OK”.
  • Now, select the file types you want to delete and select “OK”.

If you need more space then you also delete system files.

  • To delete system files, open Disk Clean up again.
  • Select the “Clean up System Files” option.
  • After choosing Clean up System Files hit the enter button.

Repair Missing or Corrupted System Files

For Windows 8.1 or Windows 8

Steer your mouse to the lower-right corner of the screen. Click search. Type Command Prompt. Run it, as administrator. If prompted type password or click allow and type the below indicated command.

For Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Type “command prompt“, or “cmd” in the search box. Open cmd and then run as administrator. Type password (if prompted), or click allow and type the below-mentioned command.

Type “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth“, and then hit the enter button.

Note: Operation may take several minutes to complete the command.

Defragment your Hard Disk

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Type “Disk Defragmenter” in the search box.
  • Open Disk Defragmenter from the list of results.
  • Select the disk you want to defragment.

To know whether your disk needs to be defragmented or not, click on Analyze disk. And once the process of analyzing the disk is finished. See the percentage of fragmentation on the disk. (In the last run column)

In case the number is above 10% then your disk needs to be defragmented.

  • Click “Defragment disk” now.
  • Type administrator password or confirmation (If prompted).

Repair Office Application

For OS: Windows 10.

  • Select Apps and Features. (Right-click on the start button)
  • Now, choose the Microsoft office product that you want to repair.
  • Select “Modify”.

You’ll view the following options to continue with the repair. (Depending on your Microsoft Office’s copy). Follow the below steps for your installation type.

In the window, you will see “How would you like to repair your Office Programs?” You have to select Online Repair. It will make sure everything gets fixed.

For OS: Windows 7 and Vista

  • Click on the “Start button”.
  • Open “Control Panel> Program and Features “.
  • Right-click on “Microsoft Office” and then click on the option “Change”.

Then a window will open saying “How would you like to repair your Office Programs”. Now select “Online Repair”, and then choose Repair.

Error code 801C03F2 Office 365 Still persists?

Remove and reinstall Office

  • Open “Run box”. (Press Windows logo + R)
  • Locate “Control Panel” and open it.
  • Click on uninstall programs. (Category view)
  • Search for Microsoft Office in the list.
  • Click on “Uninstall”.

After uninstalling Microsoft Office successfully. Reinstall the application.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Sign in with your login credentials.
  • Download the setup through your web browser.
  • Open the setup and click on Run.

If you see a user account control prompt saying “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”, select “Yes”. Microsoft office’s installation process begins! No further action is required now, Enjoy!

Therefore, these are the proficient steps to fix error code 801C03F2 Office 365. But in case the error still persists then you can make contact with our Microsoft Office experts by initiating the chat. You will get more practical and efficient solutions for your problems. Aside from this, if you are experiencing any other problem or issue related to Microsoft office then get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you!