How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 – Can’t install Microsoft Office? Error code 30175-12 manifested? Getting frustrated? If yes then there is no need to be worried as experts are here to help you with this little but complicated problem. This error occurs due to numerous reasons but usually due to the corrupted system files, or if the previous installation files aren’t removed properly. And if you are the victim of this Error code 30175-12 then we will discuss “How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12“. Keep reading this blog!

Well, Microsoft office has now become an important element of our day-to-day life as we use this application to do various tasks such as studies, work, business, etc. Though it is an application on which we can rely and it never causes any trouble but some users complain that while installing the product it may end up showing Error code 30175-12, which is quite disappointing. But we have some simple troubleshooting steps for you through which you will know “How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12“. Let’s begin!

Common Causes for Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12

As we stated earlier that Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 occur due to various reasons. And there is not any main culprit behind this Error code 30175-12. But still, we have found some reasons due to which the Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 occurs which include the following:

  1. Antivirus or Firewall on your system might be blocking the Office installation.
  2. Internet connection or proxy setting might be causing trouble.
  3. May Pre-existing version of an Office suite blocking the installation.
  4. Incomplete/failed/change of a previous office installation might be causing any hindrance.

Further, the office suite can prevent the new installation but whatever the cause is. We have some proficient resolutions for you! Let’s know the most effective and prominent steps to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12.

Accurate Steps to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12

Have you got familiar with the culprit causing this error? Your answer might be yes. So after getting intimate with the culprit it’s quite easy to resolve the error on your own. And we have listed some things below that you can try to fix  Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12.

Repair your Office App

Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 can be fixed if the office repair tool replaces all the corrupted system files in your system successfully. And you have to follow the below steps to run the repair tool to fix this error.

  • Open the control panel using the start menu.
  • Click on “Program and features”.
  • Choose the office product your want to repair.
  • Click on the “Change” option.
  • Click on “Repair”. (In case it doesn’t fix the Error code 30175-12 then try doing with online repair)

Note: If the Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 isn’t fixed then you need to remove and reinstall the Office Suite.

Remove Microsoft Office

As we stated earlier that if the error persists after running repair then you have to remove Microsoft office to fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12.

  • Press the “Windows” key and “R” key together. (a dialog box will open).
  • Type “Control Panel”.
  • Select “Programs and Features” after opening the control panel.
  • Select office suite, and then click on remove.

Note: In case you are unable to remove Microsoft office completely then you need to do it manually.

Delete Microsoft Office files

  1. Initiate the Run Dialog box by pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys.
  2. Type “%ProgramFiles%” and then hit enter.
  3. Delete “Microsoft office’s” 16 folders.
  4. Again, open the Run Dialog box.
  5. Type “%ProgramFiles(x86)%”, and then click “OK”.
  6. Delete the “Microsoft Office” folder too.

Delete the Office registry sub keys

  • Open Run Dialog box.
  • Type “Regedit” and then click “OK”.
  • It will open the Registry editor.

Now you have to delete the following registry subkey:


And then Delete the office key.

Delete the Start menu shortcuts

  • Open “Command Prompt”.
  • Double-Click on Microsoft>Windows>Start Menu>Programs.
  • Now, Delete the “Microsoft Office Tools” folder.

Download and install Microsoft Office

After performing the above steps, download and install Microsoft office following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Sign in to your My Account page using your email Id and password.
  • Click on the “install” option (under the office product).
  • Save the installer setup. (if prompted)
  • Run it once the download is completed.
  • Don’t go offline or reboot the computer during the whole installation process.
  • Click on the “Finish” button once the program is installed successfully.

Therefore, these are the most precise and effective steps to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 on your own. And we hope this blog was helpful for you. But in case the Microsoft Office Error code 30175-12 still persists after performing all the above-mentioned steps then it is recommended to initiate a chat or go through live assistance on which experts are available round the clock for help regarding the problems, issues, and errors related to the Microsoft office.