Microsoft Office Uninstall Error Code 30010-4 – In the world of modernization and digitalization, Microsoft software has become a crucial element of everyone’s life. It is a useful application that is helpful in a wide array of activities. It is useful in studies, office work, etc. But sometimes the users encounter the error code 30010-4. If you are also facing this issue and wanted to know the steps to resolve Microsoft Office Uninstall Error Code 30010-4, then you are at the right place.

The error code 30010-4 commonly occurs while trying to upgrade or while installing the Microsoft Office application on the PC, desktop, or laptop. It is one of the commonly occurring errors and luckily there are few ways by which one can get rid of it quickly and in no time. Thus, if you want to know about the steps to resolve the Microsoft Office Uninstall Error Code 30010-4, then keep reading this blog. In this blog, we will discuss this error code, its possible causes, and the way by which one can get rid of this issue.

Possible Reasons for the Error Code 30010-4

Now that we know what is this error, it’s time to get information regarding the possible reasons for this error. To understand and resolve any issue effectively, it is wise to first know the reasons behind the occurrence of that error. So below are the few possible causes of the Error Code 30010-4:

  1. Corrupt installation files.
  2. Blockage from the Antivirus or the firewall of the windows
  3. Incorrectly removed already installed installation files.
  4. Improper installation of the windows update
  5. Incomplete office updation
  6. Any other third-party application or software hindering the installation process of Office.

These all could be the possible reason because of which the users encounter this error code. There is nothing to panic or to worry about. There are few steps that you can follow to get rid of this issue in no time.

Steps to Resolve the Microsoft Office Uninstall Error Code 30010-4

Sometimes getting errors can become quite frustrating. That is why we recommend you try out the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue quickly.

Step 1: Restart the System

The first thing you can do is simply restart your computer and check if it gets resolved or not. Follow the steps to restart your system.

  • Go to Start and click on Shut down.
  • Let the system shut down completely. Wait for few seconds and restart the system.

If the issues still persist, try the second step mentioned below.

Step 2: Uninstall, Download and reinstall the software

Many times an uninstalling and again installing the Office app can resolve the issue as there may be few components that might cause this issue. To do this follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Start and choose Control Panel
  • From here click on programs
  • Select uninstall the program
  • Once done with the uninstall part, go to the official website and search for the download button.
  • Choose the path and download the software.
  • Once done with the downloading part, install the software by following all the instructions. If the issue still does not get resolved, move on to the third step.

Step 3: Try to disable the Antivirus

Sometimes due to the restrictions from the antivirus, this error can occur. It might obstruct the installation process due to their safety measurements. But one can fix this issue by temporarily disabling the Antivirus. Follow the following steps to disable the Antivirus.

  • Got to the antivirus app on your PC, desktop, or laptop
  • Now Go to the settings and search real time protection.
  • From here turn off the real time protection.
  • Now search the Firewall and turn off the firewall.
  • When prompted, press Ok
  • Now try to install the application and see if the error still persists or it is resolved.

Step 4: Disable Windows Firewall

Follow the steps in the same manner to disable the firewall of windows:

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to Start and click on the Control panel.
  • From here go to the System and security > windows firewall
  • Here click on Turn windows firewall off from both the public and private networks.
  • Once done, try to again install or update the software and see if the issue got resolved or not.


We hope you get useful insights from this article and you have got the necessary information that you were searching for. The above-mentioned steps are easy to perform and proficient to get this issue resolved in no time. All these steps are tried & tested by the experts. We are hundred percent sure that if you follow these steps accurately and in the exact manner mentioned above, then you will be easily get rid of the Microsoft Office Uninstall Error Code 30010-4.

If in case the issue still does not get resolved, then in that case we suggest you to take expert help by initiating the live chat for the Microsoft office-related issues.