Office Unlicensed issue:

Showing Unlicensed Products for your all office products as an error code. This error comes on an office product if the license key is not installed with an office program. A product key is very important and helps to activate the program.

Office apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other programs. when you see this unlicensed error on office program, input the product key and activate your program. If that fails to work, input your Microsoft credentials to activate your program.

If You Have an Office Product Key and the Same is Not Working to Activate Your Program, these are the Following Reasons: –

  • That can happen if your office product key is previously activated on another machine.
  • The office product is corrupted on your computer
  • There are multiple office products installed on your computer.
  • The office key is designate for another version office.
  • The office product is lapsed with the subscription.
  • The system date and time is incorrect.
  • Missing updates on your computer
  • Office program files got delete due to virus.
  • There is registry related corruptions.

All the above stat reasons can cause the unlicensed key.

In other words

We suggest you to verify all the above and repair or reinstall office bases on your requirement.

How to Repair Office for Unlicensed Products?

Firstly, Click start and control panel- select your applications wizard and choose the office program,

Here you can repair it online or do a quick repair.

If you have an office 365 version, it may also get removed if you troubleshoot.  We advise you to clean the previous office. And then continue with the office installation.


Quick repair process replaces all the corrupted files and then fix the office activation.

Unlicensed Product

In Conclusion,

Online repair downloads the latest updates and replaces the entire office program on your computer.

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